China concretes iron-clad relations with countries by solid actions


CCTV+BATIEGHR(巴铁之家):China has been cementing its iron-clad relations with amicable countries around the world using solid actions, especially helping and supporting each other in weathering the COVID-19 pandemic this year, setting a good example in the way of how countries can get together.

Iron-clad friends, or “tiegan pengyou” in Chinese, refers to solid and unbreakable relations between people or countries.

China has maintained such relations with multiple countries with Pakistan being the first and wide-known one as Chinese netizens even used the term “Iron Pak” or “iron brotherhood with Pakistan” to refer to the country.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in China in February this year, Pakistan donated all the masks stored in its hospitals to China to support China in the fight against the epidemic during the hardest time.

In return, China donated several batches of medical supplies to Pakistan. The ties between the two countries were further deepened as Pakistani President Arif Alvi paid a visit to China on March 17.

Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with the visiting president, saying that China is deeply grateful for Pakistan’s support and facts have proved once again that China and Pakistan are true friends who share weal and woe and all-weather good brothers who share each other’s joy and sorrow.

“That is why we are here. We are here to thank the people of China for doing a job for the world and we want to show solidarity with them that we and China have through good times, and we stand with them in difficult times,” said Arif Alvi.

“China and Pakistan are true friends and good brothers sharing weal and woe. China always stands firmly with Pakistan to deepen the China-Pakistan ironclad friendship and expand bilateral strategic cooperation,” said President Xi.

China lent a helping hand to Serbia in its fight against the COVID-19 after Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced a state of emergency in the country to contain the spread of the virus and called for assistance from China on March 15.
China responded to the request. On March 21, a group of Chinese medical experts with medical supplies arrived in Serbia’s capital city of Belgrade. Chinese experts were greeted by the Serbian president. The Chinese pilots pointed out Chinese and Serbian flags through the cockpit windows and waved them in response to the host’s welcome.

“The Serbian people will never forget this kindness. China has shown us that ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed.’ We will reward them if they need help one day,” said Vucic.

China and Myanmar, connected by mountains and a trip of water, have always supported each other.

At the invitation of President U Win Myint of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, President Xi paid a state visit to Myanmar for two days from Jan 17.

This is President Xi’s first overseas tour this year, and also the first visit to Myanmar by a Chinese president in 19 years.

When attending celebrations for the 70th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic ties between China and Myanmar, Present Xi first greeted guests including Myanmar President U Win Myint, State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi using the local language, Mingalaba! (Nice to meet you!) and went on to say that “China and Myanmar are neighbors connected by mountains and rivers. Our two countries are geographically linked, our peoples are connected by kinship and our cultures enjoy a natural affinity. Our millennia-old, time-tested ‘Paukphaw (fraternal)’ friendship is as strong as ever”.

An overseas student from Serbia said that China is our real good friend and our national spirit is very similar. China has always supported us and helped us when we were going through difficulties, vividly demonstrating the iron-clad friendship between the two countries.

Adnan Hafeez, General Secretary-Pakistan China Chamber of Commerce Committee, expressed his gratitude towards China for its support to Pakistan in fighting against the COVID-19 epidemic, saying that China has made a huge contribution to Pakistan in containing the spread of the epidemic.