Do something… stay calm, stay happy BY Syeda Mahnoor Fatima Bukhari BS- Psychology 1-semester


November 2020, a life giving trick, if u will make yourself busy your mind will be more peaceful than remaining idle. Human psychology says man has an excellent intelligence and brain. He always wants to do something with reason or sometime without reason. Findings have proved that people even with pointless activity tend to be happier than those who do not. Happiness level of young girls and women drop drastically in last decade. In this modern world everyone is so busy that they could not find time for their families, friends but still people are not happy. Why is it so? Because there is a huge difference in making yourself busy and over-burthen. Usually people think that they can get rid from emotional stress, depression by doing too much work but it is not true. They are just trying to deceive their brain but the human brain is very extraordinary sharp. It does not bear any kind of load; as a result it makes you unhappy and uneasy. The solution to this problem is a balanced and a healthy lifestyle. We often meet people saying “life is too tuff, too busy, too stressful” but on the other side if we let them free and say not to do anything they will get more bored, depressed and unhappy. There was a brief research on human psychology in 2010.

Christopher K.Hsee said: if we can devise a mechanism for idle people to engage in activity that is at least not harmful, I think it is better than destructive busyness.

Volunteers were asked to complete a survey and then wait 15 minutes until the next survey was ready. They were given the chance of returning the completed survey at a nearby location and do nothing until 15 minutes had elapsed or use a more distant point, walking to which would use up the time. Both choices were rewarded with a candy when the survey was delivered. Participants who avoided idleness by going to the more distant location were found to be happier than those who did not. The study also found that if the same candy was offered at both locations, participants were more likely to choose the nearer option. However, if the candies were different, participants were most likely to choose the more distant location. Researchers suggest this was because they were able to identify the reason for the trip. They conclude that using the principal that people like being busy and being able to justify it could have wider application.

We have heard about the great philosopher Plato and his most famous student Aristotle. Plato also writes his views about happiness in ‘The Republic’. He believed that those who are happy are those who are moral and follow the four cardinal values. These values are Temperance: moderation in one’s desires or a middle road between excess and deficiency, Fortitude: also known as courage or an inner strength in the face of adversity, Prudence: being reasonable or able to self-judge, Justice: its meanings are little different for Plato because he believes that justice is the middle road between selfless and selfish. I also agree to his views because he truly said about four cardinal values. Happy person is one who has principles and sticks to them. He or she uses and practices these principles in order to become a better person and a better member of the society. Similarly, his student Aristotle also has very clear and motivated views about happiness. According to him, humanity itself has a function, and that is to reason. We are set apart from other creatures because we are self-aware and have critical thinking skills. To be happy, Aristotle believed that we need to use our reasoning, which will help us to live a virtuous life. 67% of those extremely happy said that happiest part of their lives is now versus 20% of everyone else. And the most prideful thing is that our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) and our Holy Book; which is the complete ideology of life, also teach us to have balance in every field of life. In Surat al furqan, Allah subhan o talah said: They are those who, when they spend, are neither extravagant nor miserly, but follow a middle way between them. At another place Allah subhan o talah said: We have made you a justly balanced community. One of the most famous ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus said: Moderate in order to taste the joys of life in abundance.

Allah subhan o talah has given us this beautiful life, sharp mind to think and to explore his nature but usually we did not understand. People waste their life by overthinking or sometime by being depressed. Why we don’t use the same mind to do something positive? Why we don’t use this mind to make some new world or to make progress in our country? Why we don’t use it to being happy or to enjoy the beauty of life? Why??? An answer to all these why’s is because we come in this world by coincidence and pass our lives as a burden and die as a fate. We don’t know the reason of life; even we don’t know how to smile and how we can give it to others. We all know life is not the bed of roses and especially in the country like Pakistan. But still we can smile! We can smile in a stressful condition. If you have too much stress you can do 10 minutes exercises which will not only be your body exercise but as well as your mental exercise. You can think of a moment which makes you smile, you can help any person who needs you, you can meet people those having highly positive energy. All these things are very common and easy to do. You just have to do something positive which will give you never ending inner peace. We have lost our smiles. We laugh but do not smile. An easy way to smile or being happy is to make happy others, bring smile on other faces it will come back to your face automatically. If you want to be happy don’t give excuses on everything otherwise it will make your life complicated. My aim of writing is to realize you that happiness is not so far, smiling are not so difficult; you just need to look inside. If you feel depressed or unhappy, try not to be idle. Always try to do something positive. As someone says:                                                                                    Bykar mubash kuch kia kar;                                                                                             kapry hi udhar kar sia kar.