Nine Common Food Items of Pakistan By Ammar Asif Ammar

Right to information: What is it about? By Ammar Asif Ammar
Right to information: What is it about? By Ammar Asif Ammar

(An open letter to Mr. Prime Minister Imran Khan)

Pakistan is a country of more than 200 million people of which half are female. By some estimates, almost one-quarter of Pakistanis live in poverty and the poor remain largely in the background. And above all this nuclear-armed nation is today the fifth most populous in the world. Its sub continental perch grants it strategic geopolitical importance too. Mr. Prime Minister The question has astonished today modern world: How does Pakistan survive with all these ups and downs?

Mr. PM its half done for you and your cabinet but still the result is invisible for common man. We know the corona factor has created huge benefit of doubt for government. But still you have to prove yourself not for your next tenure but for next the generations of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Your policy shouldn’t be as simple as your slogans that won’t spare opposition at any cost. Despite the fact you are the Prime Minister of 73-year-old nation which was born in result of bitter postcolonial dilemma through humiliating circumstances, and still some invisible black agenda holder forces are working to unweave it. We have to confess as a nation we are in hot waters. We have neighboring countries in conflict and off and on monopoly issues too. For the past two decades we have been in other’s war which is only attention seeker news item for international main stream media. And with all these factors we have inner provincial issues of water distribution, language diversity, cultural ethnicity, ethnic value and some time religious issues too. Deep in the depth of some crucial issues too. Mr. PM War is a constant thing either it’s against inner surging forces or against the powerful elite. You can not fade effects of war from your society. It has remained for ages and created deep consequence for coming Generations.

Authorities in Pakistan should realise the importance of relief investment on the political ground for common man class which apparent better image later on. The rise of common food items prices that are artificially raised by multiple mafia and they always manipulate and create such circumstances for working governments that they get blackmailed by them or do not disturb them and make such favorable decision that which can generate more revenue for that specific mafia class. State is like mother of all citizens. The Governments duty is to care for citizen or at least show up in diplomatic way that Government do care about them. In the mid of your tenure don’t presume like stepmother get the prices down at any shed for poor class as soon as possible, There are only nine minimum common food items that will ease the poor class life those are grains, legumes, rice, sugar, cooking oil, vegetables, fruits, eggs and meat.

Despite with label of “Pakistan’s toughest PM” you should be moderator for the betterment of nation and economy of a country. In this scenario any hard and fast rule can’t be applied without disturbing our poor class. Your tenure must coincide with some of the country’s most turbulent modern years. Instead of error of margin you must be original enigma for next generations. It took 22 years to get you on the driving seat. You can understand Jinnah’s vision of what Pakistan could be a nation of faith, unity and discipline. Mr. PM you seem to probably relay on main stream media but in this digital media age you can’t wholly solely relay on media you know even the road show or current affair program featuring the story of Poor class on any electronic media channel told through the lens of a well fashionable iconic media anchor (probably female).

Mr.PM this work is not easy. Be a wall against Mafia and face opposition too is a tough task but now the ball is in your court sooner or later. After Senate elections you must have majority in upper house of Parliament. After that you can pass those legislative bills which can empower administrative machinery to create hurdle for corrupt politicians in the gilded age. Mr. PM it’s very much impossible for you to face this opposition cum mafia all alone you have to be in good books of Common Man. For this you have to make such implementations which can make ease in common man life and those minimum common nine food item price should be low as affordable for everyone in the country. Being a Prime Minister you have all rights to stand against this multi mafia and don’t get blackmailed but with this you have to take care of common man life stander which is at risk due to high price rise and create lot of problems for them. Rise and fall of Gold prices, Auto industry or telecommunication tools like mobiles and other gadgets can’t create any difference in common man life but the minimum common food items are the necessity for their survival.

Mr. PM your next plan of local government election should be Hallmark of development for people of Pakistan in each and every province. Mr. PM you know either its Martial Law or democratic government Pakistani nation has always suffered for several decades which must be change now. From Indian Act 1935 to Pakistani Act 1971 we the common man has always been treated like Stepmother childes. The need of time is to re engineered these colonial institutions so they can’t exploit country resources for their own benefits. Mr. PM Concept of Motherhood should develop in state administrative machinery. Unfortunately our political leadership and establishment both are representing elite class and for this reason they are not able to understand problem of common man which make hurdles on grass root level. In this case we have perfect example of a government by the elites and for the elites.

Mr. PM you and your cabinet member did well in some areas like common curriculum which is a good move but it has to be implemented as soon as possible for better impact in society. In 2020 Pakistani institution claimed literacy rate of 54 percent which is more or less true but still it’s not enough for over survival in today’s modern world. Government must give subsidy to education sector for this. The concept of subsidy scheme to any sector is always granted to its stakeholders which is wrong Mr. PM you and your cabinet members have to make such tactics which can bring advantages to common man directly.

Mr. PM Development projects and their maintenance should be at your priority for your second half. There are huge problems even in top 20 cities of Pakistan like shortage  of water treatment plants, Gas load shedding, and Parking area at commercial places but still more or less we can mange that . But those nine minimum common food matters matter a lot! State being a stepmother refuses to understand the basic needs of its suffering children.

Mr. PM you have to make such public benefits polices which create positive impact on common man life. You are an oxford graduate you must know the social pattern of common man and know how to serve your voters. In history of Pakistani elections you are the only person after Bhutto who got most popular votes. Mr. PM people of Pakistan want to get rid of their state behavior like stepmother and believe me you are there last and only hope after you the turn out in elections will be very low because in 2018 elections youngster percent age in Pakistan are near 70 percent and in 2023 elections that young generation will be more mature and might be chance to   change their frame of mind so be sensible and make your full effort to impound your tenure for the sake of your country and next generation. This current hassle is no longer and will be removing after 6th March 2021 Senate Election. So you have to survive till that date.