Right to information: What is it about? By Ammar Asif Ammar

Right to information: What is it about? By Ammar Asif Ammar
Right to information: What is it about? By Ammar Asif Ammar

The right to know is the right to livesaid by well known activist. In 18th Amendment this Article 19-A has been introduced. Pakistan was the first country in South Asian region to have this Act in his constitution in 2002 with provinces following. Right to information is a fundamental right under the Constitution of Pakistan. Information is the basic right of every citizen of every nation. Without knowledge nothing can be done, nothing can be achieved. Information is required in decision making, resolving issues and is the prime factor in growth of either individual being or collectively as a growth of society. Accurate flow of information and then proper utilization of this information can change the society dynamics and later on it create great impact for next generations. Many nations of the world sanctioned this law of right to information to give sense of sovereignty to its people.

Right to Information gives strength to citizen sovereignty and promotes transparency of the state and enhances human development in society. The reason behind this act is to produce the idea of democracy with transparency.Transparency is the key for successful state. Every citizen has the right to seek information of public importance from public institution for public benefits. However the need of time is to spread awareness among common masses regarding human rights and community mobilization .For this we can use initial platforms like all type of media but we have to include Right to information bill in our education curriculum for effective measure.

Right to information encourage general public for upcoming developments. General Public have vital role in every society. Right to information program flourished with the help of a good awareness campaign in general public which depend on bloggers, Social media activist, journalist and students. However, the upcoming developments in the country are heavily depended on public importance. Right to information is the emerging fact which enhances easy way of seeking information from government official. So the awareness about this right to information act should be introduced from grass root level like school and colleges. We can also include this right to information act in educational curriculum. However, Right to information breeds general public to evaluate the critic sense of development and individual strength in the society. Right of information is the powerful weapon for general public which make democracy stronger. Thus, general public future is interlinked with country economy and country economy is directly link with accountability and transparency.

Right to information provide boost to country economy. Social development is the backbone of economic growth of any country. Better Social frameworks determine good economy. This framework helps raise the level of awareness among common mass to know about their basic rights towards state and state polices. However, in third world countries where the framework has its weaknesses authorities have to identify those weaknesses in relation to strategic vision like accountability and transparency. Every developing nation seeks for good economy. It is a level to determine the efficiency of democracy. Right to information framework boosts the good economy of the country.

Democracy also states citizen are the direct stakeholders in every public authority. However, there is a relation between right to information, transparency and country economy. These all ingredients empowers state structural framework. Thus, Poor economy is the most important cause of under development. Hence reforms and positive innovations in rule of law may increase the development and economy growth of a country. This framework is the backbone of economic growth and social development. Economic growth is the most chief principal for development especially in developing countries. For financier the most important thing is sustainability of environment in country which comes under the domain of accountability and transparency from the state level to grass root level.

Right to information strengthen democracy in developing countries. State may not be helpful to right to information, especially in contexts where undemocratic political system in followed. There are such barriers in society where poor people cannot have access to information. For example access to internet user ratio in developing countries or in remote areas is very little. However, the capacity of public bodies is weak but right to information may generate good performance volume. The outcome of right to information highlights social weaknesses which help state to perform better in level of democracy. Transparency is the key element for democracy. Demand of our modern age is to strengthen democracy. In context to strong democracy state have to mobilize new media technologies and access to internet especially in remote areas to improve involvement of people at larger scale. Mobilization to Right to information will have positive impact on democratic setup as well as economic regimes. Thus, Right to information engages standard mass in key issues from the scale of transparency for betterment of society. Right to information is a useful tool to strengthen democracy. It promotes good governance by lifting up citizen ability to participate in public affairs. In United States right to information act receives largest number of complaints and appeals from public.

The conversation above reveals the importance of the right to information in framework of citizen rights. This citizen rights mechanism empowers socio–economic status of each and every member of society. With the help of strong formation of right to information citizens, civil society organizations and media personnel can show progress in society efficiently. But at the same time we have problems like lack of awareness, positive approach and not supportive family members. It is very clear that corruption is the mother of all problems but accountability and rule of law is the only way out. Right to Information is very substantial tool for democracy. Right of Information act brings transparency and accountability at governance level. It motivates people to take part in democracy. And above all this act makes information as a Right.