Begum Razia Kashem of Karachi in a big trouble


It is respectfully stated that I Begum Razia Kashem(NIC No. 43000-3-388630-4)wife of Late Mohammad Abul Kashem, have been residing in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia since the past 40 years,along with my husband and three daughters.My permanent address in Karachi is Bunglow no.C-71 Block-H ,North Nazimabad. Mohammad Abul Kashem (my husband) expired in Riyadh,last year on the 14th of July ,2019.
My Daughter Nusrat Jalali and son in law Dost Mohammad Panhwar, called me to Karachi in February,2020 on an emergency basis,stating that the properties left behind my husband are in a threat of illegal occupation and hence needs my presence to prevent the act.
As soon as I came to Karachi,my daughter Nusrat Jalali and Son-in-law Dost Mohammad threatened me to sign a legal paper that will entitle a gift deed of the shops owned by me,to my daughter’s name. I completely refused to sign, and I wanted to take advice from my three daughters in Riyadh. But my phone was taken away and I was locked in a room,unable to contact anyone of my family.When I retaliated,my daughter Nusrat,who is a doctor,started injecting me with some sort of medicine,which intoxicated me to an extent that I was not able to think or understand anything properly. I had been remaining in half-conscious state all the time,they did this for several days to me,after that they took me to the registrar office and on gunpoint asked me to sign the documents in front of the registrar. Besides being heavily intoxicated,I retaliated not to sign the documents. My Son-in-law carry’s a pistol in his car,he put the gun on my head and threatened me,that if I didn’t sign the documents or if I said anything in front of the registrar, he would shoot me and none of my daughters in Riyadh would ever come to know what had happened to me. With this threat they got the documents signed,which were the ‘oral gift’ papers ,from me to my daughter’s name. The registrar asked me,that why are you giving them to your one daughter,when you have 3 more daughetrs,but I had been threatened to say,that I am doing it of my free will.
After getting the documents signed,I was still kept locked in the room,without my phone and they would give me the intoxicating injection whenever they liked. Dost Mohammad, Nusrat and Mehboob(my grandson) all of them started beating me and insulting me and threatening me of death,if I ever asked them to let me talk to my daughters in Riyadh. They kept saying that they would kill me, as I am a chronic patient of blood pressure,they used to threaten me and tell me that I must have a heart attack and die,from their threats. Dost Mohammad and Mehboob also pointed gun at me several times, to threat me to stay quiet and not try to contact anyone. I finally succeeded to escape that house,when my sister visited them once and I pleaded that I want to go out with my sister and I would return within an hour.
My husband Mohammad Abul Kashem(late) had given a general power of attorney,to Dost Mohammad for taking care of the properties which he owned. Besides this,he had also given the complete documents of all the properties to Dost Mohammad,to keep it safe with him,as he was the care taker of the properties. Dost Mohammad,refuses to hand over all the documents of the properties to me now,and he is misusing them to make illegal rent agreements and he has still occupied all of my properties by renting them out to people,without my permission and he is still collecting their rents and not giving anything to me. My house Bungalow no.C-71 Block -H, North Nazimabad was also rented by me 5 years ago to Maryam Schools. Now the contract has ended, and he has removed the tenants and illegally occupied my bungalow by his men. I tried to get inside the bungalow, numerous times ,but his men never let me in. I tried seeking help from Haidery police station to let me in and take over the possession,but they did not help me.
My husband had sold 2 plots in Gulshan-e-Maymar,during the last days of his life. I had come to Karachi in January 2019,to sell these plots as I was his attorney for those plots. But I did not have any bank account in Karachi at that time,so my daughter Nusrat Jalali insisted that I transfer all the money of the sold plots to her account,as I did not have an account. Hence The buyer transferred 3.60 crores (3 crore 60 lacs) as payment for 2 plots in her account. I went back to Riyadh after that,and asked her to transfer the money to our Riyadh account,but she never did that. Ever since I came back to Karachi,in February 2020, I had asked her to give the money to me,but now she totally refuses to have any of such amount which she owes me.
When I came to Karachi in February 2020, I had brought along 500 grams(half kg) of Saudi Gold,that was given to me by my husband in his life. That gold I had with me when I was living in Dost Mohammad’s house. But my daughter took it from me ,saying that I won’t be able to take care of that gold. After the tortures became severe,I kept asking about my gold,but then she completely denied me,that I had never given her any gold. She had also been threatening me of making a fake certificate to prove me “Insane”,as she is a doctor,so the world would believe her certificate.Those gold jewelleries are Saudi Gold,they are marked and numbered,as it is made like this in Saudi Arabia and can easily be identified by any jeweler ,that its made in Saudi Arabia.
My husband was also a collector of ‘antique’ cameras. He has more than 200 of such cameras. These also were sent to Karachi,after his death to Dost Mohammad’s house and along with all the other valuables these were also confiscated by Mehboob(my grandson) and never returned to me.
Respected sir,I want justice for the heinous acts of brutality done by Dost Mohammad,Nusrat and Mehboob.