Long Live Pakistan By Saba Fatima from Hyderabad Sindh


Our country name is Pakistan which appeared on the map of the world on 14 August 1947. Before the partition ,Hindus and Muslims were living together in the country which is called India. Muslim rule on India for 1000 years but in 1857 British captured India because of senseless Muslim leaders and for 100 years British ruled India .On 14 August 1947 British rule was ended and two new countries came into being called India and Pakistan. The struggle for Pakistan is too long and for getting a separate Muslim country our Quaid, Allama Iqbal, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and Liaquat Ali Khan and many more struggled alot.These type of leaders are oftenly  born even after 1000 centuries. These  good people who changed the destiny of the Muslims appeared on the horizon of the life of the nation and stood against the gentiles. And after a long and continuous struggle they succeed in making Pakistan a “Separate Muslim Homeland”. Pakistan is a fertile country, its land is fertile and its valleys are green. It’s area is about 881,913 km and its population is about  225,627,282 million. The largest province of Pakistan by area is Balochistan, and by population is Punjab. Pakistan’s capital is Islamabad, it is located on a high point, and its is the Pakistan’s most beautiful city. Pakistan’s large centre and trading city is Karachi. It has an ancient and natural port. The city also has International substantiality, you can find the people from all over the world here. Karachi’s population is upto 20 million and that’s why it is called an over populated city. There are many places for entertainment, but the Arabian Sea is considered a feather in the cap of Karachi. Pakistan’s official language is Urdu which is at the 3rd number of the most spoken language in the world list. This language is Pakistan’s “Symbol of Unity” and the treasure of the culture other than  that, many other languages are spoken in Pakistan and every language is a reflection of regional culture and civilization. Pakistan’s  official religion is Islam and the full name of Pakistan is Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Pakistan is called as the land of five rivers. Due to these rivers,Pakistan has an ideal irrigation system. And it is considered to be the largest irrigation system in the world. Pakistan is an agricultural country,Which 62% population lives in the rural area, whose  occupations are farming and agriculture. Wheat ,rice and tobacco and notable in Pakistan’s agricultural production.Pakistan’s cotton and rice are famous in all over the world.Pakistan has made great strides in its industrial field, and it has all kinds of industries. The Steel Making industries are very famous in Pakistan and also the embroidery and sports goods industries are also very famous in Pakistan. Pakistan’s sports equipment is very popular in all over the world.The people of Pakistan are brave courageous and tough they showed their bravery and  courage in” Pak- India War of 1965″. They are good-natured,self-respecting, hospitable and they like simplicity, they are loyal to the nation and want  goodness for the country.They are very sympathetic and compassionate to others. In the End ,I want to write that,

“No nation is perfect ,it needs to be made    perfect”