Ganzhou to be lifted out of poverty by 2019 by Muhammad Zamir Asadi

Ganzhou, September 28: The local government of Ganzhou, the prefecture level city located in Southern Jiangxi has announced to lift the city out of poverty by the end of 2019, learned the delegation of journalists comprising of South Asian and South East Asian countries.
The journalists had attended a briefing on the visit to the city by the local government officials focused on poverty alleviation campaign and the strengthening economy and trade of the locality.
It was told that Ganzhou had 520,000 people living in poverty, accounting for 6.6 % of the population.
Through various means such as developing competitive industries, Ganzhou has made remarkable achievements in recent years. So far, industrial development throughout the city has improved the income of 113,500 households and 440,600 people, which makes up 62.8% of those on the poverty list.
Furthermore, Ganzhou is the first city in China to pilot affordable housing in rural areas. It adopted a government-backed measure to build public ready-for-use housing. For locals, it was as easy as bringing in their bags through the front door.
The government has mobilize various social resources and has taken more precise measures to support the development of health and medical care services in poor areas.
It was learned that government has prioritized the significant measures for poverty alleviation like boosting income through finding jobs, providing better health care to the impoverished families and provision of affordable housing including improving infrastructure.
In 2016, 8600 affordable houses were build and provided to impoverished families for better living and good experience.
Impoverished families were being helped to find job in suitable industries while “credit fund” from 30,000 to 80,000 RMB have been established to provide loans and mechanism have been developed to distribute the various dividends.
In the year 2016, 200,000 households benefitted from the scheme of loans and it has also been noted that 57.5% of people were living in poverty due to their disease.
Impoverished families with disease or any illness were also receiving medical insurance which was 90 RMB per person initially but now it has increased up to 120 RMB while it will be taken up to 160 RMB individually.
The best thing for this medical insurance is that people will be entitled to enjoy this medical insurance even if they were taken out of poverty till the end of 2020.
It was also briefed that more than 50,000 poor people will be relocated from villages to cities and they will be getting help in finding jobs.
It was also told in the briefing that the city has a significant role to play in One Belt One Road initiative as it also enjoys good trade and bilateral relation with the member countries of this project.
The city enjoys extremely goof business relationship especially with South East Asian countries, Europe, Middle East and USA.