Jinggangshan seek stable growth by promoting tourism by Bureau Report

Jinggangshan, September 28: Revolutionary features and green development have become a symbol of Jingagngshan to seek the stable growth and promoting the tourism, learned a delegation of journalists.
Journalists from South Asian and South East Asian countries paid a visit to the Jinggangshan city for having a deep insight into 1st base camp of red army revolution.
In a briefing to the journalists, deputy mayor of Jinggangshan Liu Pinghong said that the mountains of city were known as the “mountains of victory” following the heroic win of red army against Kuomintang back in 1927-1929.
Following the revolutionary history, people interested in “Red tourism” visit this city in a great number every year as tis number has reached to 1 million last year, she went on saying.
She also said that, known as natural wild life park the city carries 100 revolutionary relics and sights here for the visitors.
She told that, Chairman Mao Zedong wrote many poems about the fight between red army and Kuomintang, which are very famous in the citizens.
About the poverty alleviation she told that, jinggangshan has been officially taken off the list of impoverished areas by successfully implementing the policies.
People who live under poverty line account for 1.6 % of the total population, lower than the national standard of 2 percent, statistics showed in 2016.
She told that the local administration implemented the precision poverty relief campaign and the funds were used in the areas where it was needed.
She mentioned that Chinese president Xi has stated that Jingagngshan is the base of revolution so people must get relief by poverty alleviation programs.
Local government provided better education, health care and social security to the impoverished families in the poverty alleviation campaign by which the targets were achieved.
She also mentioned that government has also helped people to move into quality homes and improved infrastructural in rural areas.
The local government also helped people to start business or finding jobs in the campaign which have been cultivating fruitful results.
“Tourism is leading sector for sustainable economy of the city, so the promotion of tourism was always on the top priority of the government”, said deputy mayor.
Tourism has played a vital role in sustainable economy of the city the revenue of this sector touched 48 % of GDP last year.